2019 Kgalagadi Photography Competition - Press Release

October 21, 2019
Kgalagadi Lodge and Kgalagadi Photography proudly hosted the very first Kgalagadi Photographic Competition Awards at the Lodge - almost on the doorstep of the Transfrontier Park - and deep in the heart of sacred Koi San soil amongst the red dunes that lend a breathtakingly perfect backdrop for this highly anticipated occasion.  

Competition entries were focused on Kgalagadi subjects and scenes captured in and around the Transfrontier Park area and had a total prize value of around R80 000.00 which included a welcome cash prize of R10 000.00.
Unique to this competition, all 6 finalist and their partners attended the prize giving weekend on an all-expenses-paid basis, which included 4 star accommodation and meals and the award ceremony. According to Joe Lategan, owner of Kgalagadi Photography and co-sponsor, this decision was ultimately taken by the organisers to get the finalists together in the Kalahari heartland - the place that inspires and fosters photographic passion and commitment - to share this passion and celebrate together. The quality of entries submitted was of such an equally high standard, says Joe that this was indeed an easy decision. 
The award evening exceeded the expectations of all that attended and appealed to all senses; emotional, culinary and amazement as the guests were treated to delectable food and entertained to traditional song and dance of the Komani-San -  the local Bushmen tribe - with their ancient rhythms and sounds around the boma fire.  Very few people today have the privilege of witnessing this historical ritual of this endangered ethnic group of Southern Africa. Another characterful senior member of this resident tribe mesmerized all and sundry with his almost unbelievable, jaw- dropping tales of a life remembered and days gone by in the Kgalagadi Park and the surrounding territory. 

An honorary award was also given to Elias Le Riche; the last member of the famous Le Riche family who largely founded and shaped the original park since 1931 into what it is today.  Joe Lategan presented this award on behalf of Kgalagadi Photography and the Kgalagadi Lodge. On receipt of the award, Elias Le Riche called  on all photographers to assist in ensuring that the highest standards of conservation are maintained through their continuous and sustained effort to share the Kgalagadi experience as far and wide as possible, and with that recognizing that photographers historically played a vital role in marketing the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. 
Michiel Duvenhage of Bloemfontein won the first prize and Geo Jooste also of Bloemfontein was the first runner up Frans Lombard and Mart Marie Duvenhage was second and third runner up respectively and Hugh Michler and Arnold van Dyk make up the rest of the finalist group. 

Michiel’s winning image of a frightened Springbok in full flight from a cheetah giving full speed chase through what almost perfectly resembles “flames of dust”, is a deserved winner of the 2019 Kgalagadi Lodge Photo Competition. The 2020 competition commences 1 Nov 2019 and closes 30 Sept 2020. Detail of prizes and award ceremony will be issued in due course on the relevant social media and other platforms. So keep shooting!


Gemsbok fight analysis 1

February 28, 2015

Gemsbok fight analysis (Part one).
During my recent trip to the Gemsbok Park (very dry end of February) I spent a few days observing and capturing images of the Gemsbok skirmishes around a water hole. I particularly concentrated on the behavior before and during the activities around the waterhole between the animals. 
I have always attempted to predict which the good fighters were while they were going about their normal business through attitude, size and injuries amongst others. 
During my re...

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Kalahari lion and flowers

January 25, 2012
 Crouching Kalahari lion.
A Kalahari desert lion normally blends into the red or   
other sand of the Kalahari desert to such an extent that  
animals can almost walk right into them without spotting them. So when there  
are exceptional rains for a short while, the desert turns into a heavenly garden of green and coloured wild flowers. During  
exceptional rains like the exceptional 2010 season Flowers cover certain  
areas that cannot be imagined during most of the year.  
The area around the wate...

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Arid Parks bad management.

November 8, 2011

During my visit at the Mata Mata camp the following substandard performances were experienced.
The road was in acceptable standards and maintained during my visit. The sewage seeped out from the toilets right into my campsite  along the fence with a terrible smell for the duration of my stay. It seeped out of the ground half a
meter from my tap and 2 meters from my tent. Cigarette buts have not been picked up for many weeks probably. I remember the days that the camp sites were raked before eac...

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Making of The Last ranger fine art Image

August 31, 2011

 I wanted to do a portrait of a camelthorn tree but it is always difficult to get a single tree or a situation where the background and foreground does not detract from it. At this specific point in the dunes and central part of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park the opportunity was there including the backround that enhanced the message of the Camelthorn I tried to bring across. The Camelthorn is the major reason for the abundant micro habitats along the desert riverbeds that stimulate the cha...
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Hyena Nights & Kalahari days

July 19, 2010
A Must have book by the king of Hyena scientists in South Africa

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First DVD on Auob river ecological overview

June 2, 2010
The first film on the Auob river shot over two years covering a full years seasons or climatic conditions. The DVD is now available at the shops in Twee Rivieren and Augrabies falls. 
Otherwise do a internet payment and mail the proof to info@catfishjoeproductions.co.za
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kgalagadiphotography web launch in Park

June 2, 2010
The web site is being promoted with a photo of a spectacular male lion at the entrance of the shop at Twee Rivieren.
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Twee Rivieren restaurant

June 2, 2010
The Twee Rivieren restaurant decorated their walls with our photos over the weekend and the kgalagadiphotography.com website advertised in the  Shop entrance with photo of a spectacular male lion currently in charge of a pride along the upper Auob river. 
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First cold fronts

April 26, 2010
The first cold front  as predicted moved over the country and the Free State and Karoo received first frost and zero temperatures. It is now important to scrutinize the dunes on the side that receive the first sun-rays as the animals are still used to the warmer temperatures.In other words the animals move to the top of the dunes or high laying areas to get the first sun shine where they heat up for quite some time before moving in the late morning. This side of the dunes also naturally  have...
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