During my visit at the Mata Mata camp the following substandard performances were experienced.
The road was in acceptable standards and maintained during my visit. The sewage seeped out from the toilets right into my campsite  along the fence with a terrible smell for the duration of my stay. It seeped out of the ground half a
meter from my tap and 2 meters from my tent. Cigarette buts have not been picked up for many weeks probably. I remember the days that the camp sites were raked before each arrival every day as well as the dustbins removed and cleaned. I arrived greeted by a smelly dustbin this time around. Problem animals have increased drastically. The first time Squirrels actually chewed through the tent to eat food stuff inside. Augrabies falls park was the most annoying experience and should be closed as monkeys and baboons actually attack guests everyday and physically rob them of food in their hands...especially females.  Now this is not really the parks that create the problem but I have not seen one ranger during my stay chasing problem animals or at least attempting to minimize the problem. On the other hand I saw guests leaving due to this.  Now I have been visiting these parks for many years every year  (more than once) and this is the worst by far. I will not return to Augrabies at all and will not recommend it to any visitor. I have also marketed and promoted the Parks through my work for many years.
  The attitude of the Mata Mata camp staff reflected a attitude Im not familiar with in the Kalahari.I have not once seen the camp Manager George in the camp . Now in the old days the camp manager and his wife patrolled the camp daily and
greeted the guests. A combi with drunk men that stopped at a lion siting got out urinated and threw the lion with stones between many tourists. When we confronted them and reported the matter there were no ranger for two days. The receptionists that took the complaint did'nt greet, know what to do and had a attitude for some reason. Staff proudly told us that the Park manager told all the staff that tourists can clean their own camp site as it will not be "skoffeled" any more as it is not natural. This negative attitude towards all tourists from management will eventually seep through to the bottom. Throughout my time the reception staff did not greet once first ...not me nor other tourists as I observed this.Not  once when the permits were issued or returned, during arrival or departure. 
The noise of the generator on the Namibian side and the noise made by the staff at the Namibian side actually stops one of falling asleep....every night without fail!
The ladies change rooms flooded with over flowing drains not for the first time! 
The ladies could not enter the bathrooms that evening.
It took three attempts to get the petrol attendant to fill up my vehicle. I have seen many other tourists waiting for this . Many left without getting hold of the person at the fuel station. 
There is no doubt that the park is not providing the experience we are used to prior to extreme commercialization and it is declining every year. One thing that I think is working is the control of speed of the vehicles in the park by tourists. It got
so bad that lots of my friend stopped visiting the park for the last years. I have seen drastic improvement during my last visit however. I would like to see what the state of the fences are on the boundary. On my first day in the camp there were no power point camp sites although I paid for two. I stayed on a site without power, water or a dustbin. I asked George the camp manager if he could allow me to camp on what is now a day visitors site. He ultimately agreed for the first night until another site opens up. he himself had nothing to say about not having a camp site available.

 I did not take the spot he suggested and camped in the open ( not a camp site) until I found a site the next morning in sewage.  The toilets were kept clean by cleaning staff at other times. How can Kenneth, Piet, Aubrey and George be not on duty in the camp at the same time.(Kenneth was on leave however and I think if he was there it would have been better as his skills with tourists are very good) The drunk tourists kept harassing tourists for long until we threatened them and took over control in the interest of the park and South Africa as a whole. Augrabies falls park has also without a doubt declined in standards. ( that is of course after a drastic improvement of a few years ago when it basically disintegrated.) The decision to not waist money and time on gardens and superficial looks leaves me dumbstruck. If one enters the Augrabies buildings from the car park the dilapidated gardens are a shame and reflects a pathetic management that have never maintained any garden in the past of their own. Im not talking about invasive species but there is no reason to leave it in the state that we observed. Nothing is done  to the very entrance of the face of the park!!!!!. The grass is dying of drought on the one side and just on the other side of the pavement the sign says "Stay off the grass" in-front of the management offices off course. Reflecting the attitude towards tourists. It will take one day to just clean up  the bedding and plant indigenous plants just 10 meters away to jump start the indigenous process. The ablution facility on the closest side to the chalets ceiling is black with mold and extremely unhygienic and a disgrace to shower in. about 25% of the camp site have been blocked off for visitors and the trees have fallen over and generally looks like a dump site.
Rubbish are lying around for a week and no one cleans the grounds.The outlook platforms that were washed away during the floods are still in the same state and I observed many tourists jumping barricades to get closer . When they are confronted they state that they pay to see the waterfalls and the platforms are broken. It is a serious unsafe condition and is not rectified by merely putting candy tape in a area. It must be inaccessible. Besides it creates an extremely 
unprofessional irrresponsible attitude towards our country once again. A third world park management standard wasting 1st world taxpayers money. There is a definite decline in general tourist facility management. 
Beware ..if you dont show respect towards tourists in your talks with your staff they will reflect the same towards the tourists.( The decent and law abiding ones) . Uniforms are mixed with bright pink and white socks and red scarfs and the likes and I observed Management walk 
past these staff without making any remark. Security at the gates rarely wear any uniform. One of my clients stated that he payed the security R10 to let him enter to purchase goods at the shop rather than complying with the regular procedures . 
Ask yourself the question? Why would respected conservationists like Elias Le Riche, Dawie De Villiers, and loads of respected people including old guests not return to the Kgalagadi Park...their very passion in life. It cannot simply be 
ignored. I have before and after photos and can show the world the comparison.
Disgrace. The "bottom line" however ....must be better than in those days.
The Parks belong to the people of South Africa and its time the Parks Board staff realize this.Your salary comes directly from our pockets . A part of our earnings as tourists were given to you to eat and drive your vehicle.Treat us with
respect, do your job to the best of your ability is our mandate and take action against the bad tourists on site and immediately.  
The Kalahari made you , you did not make the Kalahari!!
Our Parks are still the best places to visit as far as I'm concerned and the general cleanliness of chalets and facilities are good as far as I'm concerned and the general staff are held dearly by myself and associates. The issues being recorded here will not stop me visiting the Kgalagadi as it is very definitely still a top class experience but compared to the controls and management issues it cannot compare to the park prior to serious commercialization. I doubt that anything will improve as I am 100% sure that these issues will be argued away during some management meeting. Just  bear in mind though there are a vast amount of people that know and agree with these substandard performance issues and  in
our eyes those responsible don't deserve our tax money as salaries.What is astonishing though is that just a few years ago the camp manager/ ranger and their wife's ran everything in  camps that are now managed by more than 150% more
employees. There were more staff in and around Mata Mata by far than tourists on every day. 

I must just say that I have much respect for Kenneth the Mata Mata ranger and think he should go far.
Hope he gets a good camp manager soon.

Maybe like Kruger Park they can also make a turn around for the better.