The first cold front  as predicted moved over the country and the Free State and Karoo received first frost and zero temperatures. It is now important to scrutinize the dunes on the side that receive the first sun-rays as the animals are still used to the warmer temperatures.In other words the animals move to the top of the dunes or high laying areas to get the first sun shine where they heat up for quite some time before moving in the late morning. This side of the dunes also naturally  have the best light for photos (sun behind you) besides the portraits against the sun and wet dry grass.
Contrary to the hot season when predators are scrutinized for in the shade they will spend much time in th sun or open before moving into the shade by midday.
 Protect the camera equipment against the sub zero temperatures at night and the condensation in the morning. Batteries also go faster so make sure they are fully charged for that action that await you around every corner  In the Kgalagadi.