Crouching Kalahari lion.
A Kalahari desert lion normally blends into the red or   
other sand of the Kalahari desert to such an extent that  
animals can almost walk right into them without spotting them. So when there  
are exceptional rains for a short while, the desert turns into a heavenly garden of green and coloured wild flowers. During  
exceptional rains like the exceptional 2010 season Flowers cover certain  
areas that cannot be imagined during most of the year.  
The area around the waterhole where this lion is  
crouching towards a Gemsbok is normally covered in sand  
and the lions are not aware that they stand out from  
miles against the green and colourful background of the flowers. The Gemsbok and other antelope then approach much  
closer. This pride of lion was getting notably thinner  
during this period. The contrast between the lion and the 
mostly dormant spiders wisk flowers especially in the  
Kalahari desert makes it a unique image and gives the  
lion an almost tamed dog or pet-like feeling where the  
wild side has been removed.