The Kgalagadi Photography Video Series 

EPISODE 1 - Cheetahs, Tented Camp, Lion Silhouette

Join Joe as he shares his knowledge of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park as a photographer and naturalist of over 25 years in arguably one of the best wildlife photographic destinations in the world. Joe captured some cheetah images and shares his knowledge of the species from his vehicles as photographers as well as meeting the majestic Kgalagadi Lion, capturing its uniqueness and share some post processing basics. Join Joe on a awesome South African photographic experience where he shares some first hand and little known facts of this last wilderness areas of the world together with some valuable photographic secrets you will need. Enjoy!!

EPISODE 2 - Leopard Hunt & Kill, Male Lion Photo Session & Small Raptors

A full leopard kill in the kgalagadi is any photographers dream. And thats what We experienced and photographed in the second episode of Kgalagadi photography. We also followed a male Kgalagadi Lion for about 5 kilometers as he entertained and posed for some great portraits. We then share some general knowledge of the smaller raptors in the Kgalagadi area and other unique kgalagadi experiences as wildlife photographers.

EPISODE 3 - Sightings, Gemsbok Fight, Lion Conservation & Backlit Photography

In the third episode of the Kgalagadi, Joe shares one of the great opportunities of the Kgalagadi, the Gemsbok fight and how to make the most of the images. He also discovered the concerns with lack of maintaining fences of the Transfrontier Park and subsequent Kgalagadi Lion killings along the border of the Kgalagadi by farmers, especially on the Botswana side. Then he shares some tips for backlit photography in the park. Enjoy!

EPISODE 4 - Auob River to Mata Mata Camp

In the 4th episode Joe travels along the Auob river, arguably the most aesthetic desert riverbed in the Kgalagadi, on his way to the  Mata Mata rest camp. Joe also shares his knowledge of the Kgalagadi Springbuck, Ostrich and Crows and captures some exceptional images. He then experienced and captured the awesome light and colours of the spectacular storm clouds associated with the rare sight and smells  of rain in the Kgalagadi.

EPISODE 5 - The Kgalagadi Lion

74min Video of Joe Lategan that shares over 30 years of knowledge of the Kalahari and specific the Kgalagadi Lion and where it all started in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (formerly known as the Kalahari Gemsbok Park). He also highlights some of the challenges the Kalahari Lions are facing currently and how we as the public especially photographers can assist in protecting the genes of the true Kalahari Lion among others. Join Joe down the Auob and Nossob river beds photographing these magnificent specimens in one of the last untouched wildernesses on the planet. 
A percentage of the rental of this video goes to Lion Conservation. Do not hesitate to contact Joe Lategan if you would like to become part of the protection of the Kalahari Lion in any way. 
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EPISODE 6 - a Game Drive in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

In this episode of Kgalagadi Photography, Hardus & Adriaan takes a game drive from Twee Rivieren to Mata Mata and spends more time around the Mata Mata area. Some really exciting Lion, Leopard & Cheetah Hunt encounters. The video is made in Point of view style so you can experience it as if you were driving in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

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EPISODE 7 - Check in at Twee Rivieren Gate and Drive to Melkvlei after rains

In this episode Joe arrives at the Kgalagadi Lodge. After some good rains he checks in at the Twee Rivieren gate and shares with everyone the check in procedure and some important information with regards to the park. He takes us on a game drive to Melkvlei and back having some interesting sightings of Goshawks preying on a snake, mating tortoises and white butterflies. He then travels to the Meerkat project just outside Askham and shares the difficulties Alma is struggling with if it comes to this amazing little creatures.

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BONUS CLIP - A quick overview of the Mata Mata Restcamp

Here Joe gives a quick overview of the Mata Mata Camp for those that have not been there yet. He discusses and shows you the accommodation facilities, shops, border post and more.

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