Besides Joe's Cameras "Kgalagadi Photography" Series on Vimeo this 1h15min Film/Documentary Joe Produced in 2006 is an overview of the ecological workings of the Auob River in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

The Camelthorn tree is without a doubt the center of attraction along the riverbed of the Auob river in the Kalahari and the Eco system would have looked very different without them. I traveled along the Auob river without any permits to leave the road and never asked for any,... to not interfere with nature. Never the less you can write a thesis or two  from this road if you drive slow and visit the park as mush as I do. It is also meant to be a visual guide for the mature environmentalists and lovers of the Kgalagadi Park.

A brand new series by Joe's Camera called the Kgalagadi Photography series will be available to rent or buy from the 30th April 2018 on Vimeo on Demand. A series that will cover all aspects around, in front and behind the camera as you travel to the Kgalagadi Area. Search for Joe's Camera on Vimeo and find the Kgalagadi series. A series that assists in the sustainability of the area for the next generation to come and keep the Kgalagadi Area the most esthetical place in Southern Africa. or find us on facebook.
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