Besides Joe's Cameras "Kgalagadi Photography" Series on YouTube this 1h15min Film/Documentary Joe Produced in 2006 is an overview of the ecological workings of the Auob River in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

The Camelthorn tree is without a doubt the center of attraction along the riverbed of the Auob river in the Kalahari and the Eco system would have looked very different without them. I traveled along the Auob river without any permits to leave the road and never asked for any,... to not interfere with nature. Never the less you can write a thesis or two from this road if you drive slow and visit the park as mush as I do. It is also meant to be a visual guide for the mature environmentalists and lovers of the Kgalagadi Park.

Dune Coffee is a brand of coffees that is created through; a symphony of natural elements, intra-continental relationships, consistent processes and individual craftsmanships from working the soil to making and presenting the cup of coffee.
The Story
A blend of Arabica, Robusta and Malabaar AA from India was chosen to replicate the natural monsoon dried coffees that were first made famous in Europe through the Dutch Indian Company along the Cape of Storms. Without ignoring third wave coffees we wound back the clock to the days the monsoon winds in India and  winds on the waves along the route dried and flavored beans in the bay of ships on route to Europe and balanced it with the robusta and arabica beans. With this as a foundation we played with love, time, heat, processes, combinations and weight to craft a few unique blends to obtain specific outcomes.
Our current line of craft Coffees include;
1. Dune - Wave
Blended and roasted to enhance the saltiness associated with the flavors coffee beans would have absorbed during voyages of old sail ships on Dutch Indian routes by playing with the sour and bitterness and balanced aromatic undertones of third wave coffees
2. Dune - Namib
The dustiness of the desert was crucial in the outcome of this blend. It was masterly achieved by our roasters to isolate and mimic the aroma and excitement of fine moist dust on the palette during the first drops of rain on Dunes. 
3. Dune - Kgalagadi
As the name indicates this blend was uniquely crafted to replicate certain of the major characteristics of the sunny Kgalagadi. 
The acidity of the Camelthorn trees and the strength of majestic Kgalagadi lion is identifiable.  The robust coffee taste is balanced with subtle aromas of the  roots of the shepherds tree and its tiny wild fruits.
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