Our Photo Tour and Safari
For photographic safaris, tours and workshops in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, world renowned and acclaimed wildlife photographer Joe Lategan & his team have pooled their years of personal experience in the Kgalagadi to offer the best wildlife & landscape photographic tour packages to other photographers and kindred spirits. Joe & his team will introduce you to different approaches and strategies on how to capture arguably the best predator-prey interactions photographs in Africa. The open desert landscape lends itself to clear sprinting grounds for cheetah to catch prey in clear view of the tourists/photographers almost on a daily basis and thus has become one of the most popular predator action photographic opportunities. Accommodation booked at various popular camps and lodges inside and outside the park to optimize photographic opportunities which will include wildlife (e.g. lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe and antelope) - landscape, - astro- and macro photography. (Please note: accommodation units not necessarily air-conditioned as it might vary between chalets, tented camps or basic units with fans)

Kgalagadi Photography is a web page dedicated to the Kgalagadi and specific the Transfrontier Park. It aims to ensure the sustainability of the Eco system and forms a platform for the Kgalagadi's most dedicated supporters to assist to improve and or maintain conservation practices and advocate systems with a triple bottom line approach of good Governance within this Eco system. 

Mainly for Kgalagadi Photographic safaris, workshops and tours, wildlife filmmakers, enthusiasts, equipment suppliers, tourist facilities and others that benefit from the Parks and or conservation areas. More so for those that require a platform to identify and want to address exploitation of this Eco system. Enquire here if you are interested in joining us on a Kgalagadi Photographic Safari/Trip where we share 30 years of experience of this Park.

Here the Kgalagadi gets priority treatment over politics, ambition, greed and exploitation. 



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